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These are restricted to Emergency Services and Law Enforcement Agencies only.


This course develops basic skills that introduce the use of the Tactical Shotgun for service use as either a primary weapon or a backup system. This course uses many time driven and self-induced stress events to bring out the best skills in the shooter. This course begins with an initial qualification test. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase his skill level with a Tactical Shotgun and ends with a final Man vs. Man Steel shooting event that names the top shooter of the course.

This course develops a solid gunfighter mentality and skill set needed for integrating both primary and secondary weapons systems with focus on the tactical urban gunfight. The student will exercise these skills in a variety of stressful shooting situations from daylight to night-time shooting. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with the handgun and carbine. A comprehensive Combat Tactical Skills evaluation is given and measured results are stress induced.

A Designated Marksman is a soldier with above average marksmanship and is equipped with accurate weapons and optics, used to engage and neutralize deadly force threat targets of opportunities in support of small units. This course consists of in-depth instruction on marksmanship fundamentals, known distance shooting, moving target engagement, ballistics, limited visibility engagement. Threat response, Methods of Engagement, Immediate action drills for Threat Mitigation, shooting from cover/concealment and advanced shooting positions.

The Introduction Sniper Course is a 20-day course designed to teach novice sniper students the basic skills needed to conduct Sniper/Observer duties in support of small unit operations. The course focuses on to two main areas of instruction sniper marksmanship and field craft. The course consists of in-depth instruction on marksmanship fundamentals, unknown distance shooting, moving target engagement, ballistics, and limited visibility engagement. While building those skills, and then focuses on field craft, which consists of in-depth instruction on range estimation, target detection, stalking, photography, information reporting and hide site construction.

The 3 and 5 day Aerial Sniper Course develops advanced skills for the Sniper Team that has already been trained in basic Sharpshooter and Sniper operations. This course begins with basic aircraft familiarization procedures and takes the student to a point where they are engaging targets from a moving aircraft up to 20knts. The only difference between the 3 and 5-day course is the amount of flight time given to students.

This course introduces the principles and fundamentals of Close Quarters Battle. It begins with two-man room clearing and progresses to multi team multi-room CQB. To attend this course the student is required to attend a three-day marksmanship course first. This course is specifically geared for the Law Enforcement Officer in support of SWAT or SWAT team members. This course begins as a simmunitions/air-soft course and evolves to live-fire maneuver. Unit risk assessments will need to be completed before training starts and all Individual Gear will be used.

This course is the follow up to the five day ADVANCED COURSE. This course is designed for the unit that has a need for interdicting vehicles while moving but not killing its occupants. This course utilizes real vehicles and air-soft or simmunitions and lots of force on force training. The unit is able to design its course based on its area. Sedans, Pick-up Trucks and Vans can be used. There is no driving instruction given in this course so students will need to already have PIT and down driver training.

This course will cover the range of Executive Protection from the basic principles to some advanced techniques. The course uses classroom lectures and practical field exercises. The training days will usually last eight hours plus night exercises. This is an Introduction only course and relies on strong unit team skills that are already possessed and enhances a unit’s capability. It is recommended that the unit have already completed an advanced firearms and basic driving course.

This 5-day course teaches motorcade operations used in extreme high threat areas of the world. The course will focus on protective operations. This course will teach techniques used in two, three and four vehicle motorcades/convoys. This 5-day course will incorporate two days of an evasive driving package plus three days of motorcade/convoy driving techniques.

This 10-day comprehensive course of instruction is for military units who could be tasked with providing protection service to high-ranking officials. The course uses classroom lectures and practical field exercises, covering subjects such as Formations for Movement, Departures and Arrivals, Advance Work, Residence Watch, Protective Vulnerability Assessments (PVA), Immediate Action Drills and other subjects. Training lasts 8-12 hours a day and some nights there will be close to 18 hrs of training.

The Drug Airfield Seizure course develops methodology for large scale inter-agency and inter-department co-ordination and operational skills for a department that has to deal with drug operations from the sky. From developing plans for seizure and implementing the sub-unit tasks for the seizure, this course walks the students thru the needed steps for safe and effective tactics, techniques and procedures for the war on drugs to be successful. This course is ten days long and is designed for a cross of Law Enforcement skills and qualifications.

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