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Raidon Tactics Inc. offers World-Class Tactical Firearms, Close Quarters Battle, Force Protection and Medical Training. These courses are open to DOD, DHS, Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement, Corporate Security Firms and the general public. We have been teaching these skills to some of the best in the industry for years. Whether you are in Colorado, Texas, Iraq, Nigeria or Afghanistan we can travel to you with our Mobile Training Teams and provide the best training available. Check out our TRAINING SCHEDULE for the locations and dates of our training courses. If we do not have a training agreement with anyone in your immediate location we can help you set up training for your local area. It just takes a little bit of planning to do. 

R.A.I.D. Warrior Program (Click Here To Enroll now!)

The Responsive Actions and Integrated Disciplines (R.A.I.D.)  Tactical Engagement Systems is a training program and Combat system of tactical skills that anyone can enroll in to learn the skills of battle. Not just the Way of the gun, but multiple disciplines that make the Warrior a lethal weapon from 0 to 1000 meters using their hands, knives, sticks, firearms, and spirit to engage the enemy. Whether you train for your career or for your own protection or even just for fun, this program will guide you through the many disciplines to make you a Warrior. Enrollment is free, and when you enroll and participate you will receive discounts for training courses, online training seminars, and other events. Each level of achievement in the system involves more training and practical application to advance to the next level.   This is not limited to DOD, LEO or Security Firms, But, to all that want to partake. From someone that has never touched a rifle to others that are seeking self-fulfillment with a challenge. Enroll and see the changes you can make in yourself.  Read More here

Revolutionary Thinking Equates to Evolutionary Training

At Raidon Tactics Inc., you get both. Raidon Tactics will prepare you for the “real” world, by maintaining a working relationship with you, your unit or agency by providing a plan to evolve your skills to a changing world and situation. We have guns and do travel, with our training staff constantly traveling to the far corners of the world to combat zones, we are constantly developing and revising the core fighting skills and tactics, techniques and procedures that keep our students alive in gunfights. Whether it is the ICTF in Iraq in the fight for Mosul or Kurdish Forces in Kirkuk or ANA Commandos in Kabul Afghanistan we have been there fighting in recent months not years. We assist Law Enforcement Departments to develop counter-ambush techniques to keep Police alive; we train Tier 1 Units of the DOD with low profile missions to go where there are no friendly forces all over the globe.  You too can learn these same skills, it is just a phone call away. We are one of the few companies that have a money-back guaranty on our training. If you do not make improvements in your skills or just feel that it was not worth your money, we will return it with no questions asked.

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