The PMT cycle for enabler units never seems to sync with the supported units training prior to deployment into the AOR. This PMT Course enables the Detachment Commander to apply efficient training principles in the shortest time available for training the Detachment to become a valued asset to the supported unit. This course uses 20 days to train the detachment in Warfighter skills needed to survive in combat. The Raidon Tactics Inc. E.D.G.E Training Program modules can be coordinated with our training team and be inserted into the training cycle the Detachment Commander uses to train METL tasks and allow for training of Warfighter skills. Each module can be taken at the time the Detachment Commander is able to fit it into his PMT schedule.

The Raidon Tactics Inc. E.D.G.E Training Program’s modules are Warfighter centric for a total tactical and strategic advantage for the unit. It eliminates the additional administrative and resource intensive tasks associated with unit training by providing:

  • Range Coordination
  • Range Use
  • Range Support
  • Ammo forecasts
  • Ammunition Draws
  • Ammunition Turn- In
  • Weapons draw
  • Weapons Use
  • Weapons Transport
  • Weapons Storage

The Raidon Tactics Inc. E.D.G.E Training Program provides staff and turnkey capabilities that allow the unit to train without distractions normally associated with On-Post regulations and requirements. We are the efficient answer to the inefficient problems associated with shortened training Cycle times and schedules.

Upon graduation from The Raidon Tactics Inc. E.D.G.E Training Program the student receives the following certifications towards promotion points.

  • 5 Day Gunfighter Course (40 hrs)
  • 5 Day NRA L.E. Tactical Pistol Course (40 Hrs)
  • 6 Day Counter-Surveillance Course (56 Hrs)
  • NC Concealed Carry Permit Certification (8 Hrs)