New Online Training Courses

Like most of us, the time goes by too quickly. We try our best to get things done but always run out of it. We know the same thing happens with training. So many have asked us for classes almost right after we host them. But, they say, the same thing, “that date just did not work for me. I have this or that to do.” So we have come up with a way to fix that.

By launching our online training courses! This means that for all of our classroom and some range skills training courses you can take it online first. Knock out the pre reqs for our tactical shooting courses by taking the courses online. It saves time, money and you learn the exact same thing we teach in the classroom. All in the comfort of your own place.  Look for these to be starting in the near future. Once you see the course listing sign up, take the course, get your certificate and then when you can take the range portion just sign up then.  There will be some interactive live online seminars and others that are not. But either way you get the information that transforms you into a tactical shooter. So look for these soon.