Advanced Tactical Applications Seminars

Advanced  Tactical Application Seminars are short duration, high intensity training seminars covering specific aspects of the use of firearms from basic to advanced Tactical Applications. These Seminars are 2-4 hours in length and have very little if any classroom time. Most are taught on the range and use the time for intense training. If you are a beginner you may want to take the seminars that are basic in nature. These seminars are going to be scheduled multiple time a year so don’t think that you will miss out if you can’t attend the next one. These seminars will cover the following subjects.  A GROUP OF FOUR OR MORE STUDENTS CAN BE SCHEDULED FOR PRIVATE INSTRUCTION
Advanced Skills

To attend these seminars, you must have had at least intermediate skills training with our staff.

Counter Hijacking from inside the vehicle Seminar-3hrs-$100
Shooting from inside the vehicle
From the drivers seat
Thru the windshield
From the passenger seat
From the rear seats
Bailing out of the vehicle
Attended the use of cover and concealment with pistol seminar
3 magazines
150 rds of ammo

Use of cover inside a building and movement Seminar-4hrs-$100
Single person room clearing
Principles of Movement
Movement thru doorways
Static engagement method
Dynamic engagement methods
Moving down hallways
Must be an intermediate shooter minimum and pass initial shooting test
Pistol or rifle
3 magazines
75 rds of ammunition

Low Light engagement with Use of handheld tac lights seminar with Pistols-3-4 hrs-$125
Use of Tac Lights and Pistols
The Draw with a Handheld tac light
Magazine changes with a handheld tac light
Correcting malfunctions with a hand held tac light
Moving off the x with a handheld Tac light
Movement with the handheld Tac light
Must have attended the move off the x seminar
Pouch for flashlight
Handheld Tac light
3 magazines
250 rds of ammuntion